BlackLynx is proud to be a Xilinx partner.  Xilinx® Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards and BlackLynx technology combine to supercharge search capabilities to render big data relevant now. BlackLynx technology combines high performance computing (accelerated CPUs and FPGAs) with standard interfaces and protocols to achieve high performance analytics and maximizes the potential of image and video analysis at the edge of the network.


BlackLynx has partnered with Oracle to offer our accelerated analytics tools through Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace.

Our software achieves high performance analytics against any set of data at scale without time-consuming ETL and indexing. Enterprise IT Leaders need deep insight into their data center and IOT operations to protect infrastructure from cyber attacks and optimize system performance. BlackLynx tools provide real time, comprehensive network cyber and performance analytics, while reducing total cost of ownership. BlackLynx’s Splunk enterprise app offers an accelerated solution to enhance and optimize Splunk search and analytics.

To learn more, see our BlackLynx High Performance Analytics Brief. For information on licensing, installation, and usage, see our Oracle Marketplace listing.